• 2021-11-01

Recycle NB to begin process of implementing recycling program for packaging and paper products

We are excited to share some good news this month! The Government of New Brunswick announced on October 21 that the way is now clear for us to begin the process of implementing a recycling program for packaging and paper products.

The new program will be Extended Producer Responsibility, which means those who produce and sell packaging and paper products in New Brunswick will be responsible for collecting and recycling them at their end-of-life. This could represent considerable savings for municipalities and taxpayers, and it also means a lot less waste going to our landfills.

In other words, it’s a win-win for New Brunswickers and the environment.

So what can be recycled under a PPP program? As many of you know, many municipalities already recycle cardboard and plastics. That won’t change. Other types of paper will be added, however, including wrapping paper, magazines and other types of paper. We will also be able to recycle film plastics (sealable sandwich bags), tetra packs (boxes of soup stock) and Styrofoam containers.

The new program will also include glass, so you will no longer have to throw out your pickle, jam and salsa jars. Glass is something we are asked about all the time here at Recycle NB, so we know people will be happy about this!

Our first step in the implementation process will be to identify a Producer Responsibility Organization, which represents industry stakeholders. The PRO will be tasked with setting up the program, including determining collection methods and making arrangements to recycle the products. Once their plan has been approved by Recycle NB, the program will launch. This is expected to happen in 2023.

In the meantime, happy recycling everyone!

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