Our Programs

All waste materials in New Brunswick are managed in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

Oil & Glycol

It is easy for you to recycle used oil, oil filters, oil containers, glycol and glycol containers in New Brunswick. Recycle NB oversees an industry-led and financed oil and glycol management plan


Recycle NB ensures that 70% of all the paint collected is turned into new recycled paint products. It has a network of over 60 recycling locations in the province where you can take your old paint.


The provincial government has established an electronics waste management program under the Clean Environment Act. Over the next year, Recycle NB and industry will work together to put an electronics waste management plan in place.


New Brunswick has had a waste management program for tires for 20 years. The program protects the environment by diverting waste tires from landfills and turning them into recycled rubber products.


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