• 2014-12-10

New Brunswick paint recycling a success

I was just looking at 2013 paint recycling program statistics. It was another good year. I am always so encouraged by the public’s support of the program. Everyone who recycled leftover paint or empty paint cans deserves a pat on the back.  Thanks to your efforts, we are definitely MOVING BEYOND WASTE!

As of December 31, 2014, New Brunswick had 55 collection depots. The number of depots shows that it is easy to recycle unused paint.

During the year, the program collected over two hundred and thirty thousand litres of paint.  Seventy-five percent of that was recycled or reused. That certainly speaks to the high quality of the products that the New Brunswickers recycle.

The other thing I wanted to mention was the number of metal and plastic containers.  In 2013, the program collected about fifty-four thousand tonnes of metal containers, almost three tonnes of plastic pails (HDPE 2) and nearly five tonness of polypropylene paint cans.  That’s a lot of containers!  

Paint recycling provides outstanding value and environmental benefits. It also plays a growing role in the “green economy.”

I hope you will keep recycling your waste paint and containers.


Pat McCarthy

Chief Executive Officer

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