Who's ready for spring?

Isn’t March the most glorious of months?

Oh sure. There are still snowstorms, freezing temperatures and the need for piling on winter jackets and boots, mittens and scarves. And yes, there are still giant, dirty mountains of snow along the streets and parking lots, and local walking trails are still unavailable for the most part. 

March is glorious, however, because in spite of all of these things, it is the month in which winter officially ends and spring begins.

As the snow melts, many of us will start to think about cleaning up our properties for summer. It’s time to start going through the “junk” we have been storing in our garages, sheds, basements and closets. As you do your annual review, make separate piles for items that can be reused or recycled. And please don’t forget that your old paint, tires, electronics, oil and antifreeze belong in the recycled pile! These items can be very harmful to our environment if they are not disposed of properly, and many of the components can be recycled into new products. 

There are numerous locations throughout the province where you can drop these items off for recycling. Visit our website at recyclenb.com to find a recycling depot near you. You can also check with your local regional service commission, municipality or Local Service District for spring dates for yard waste and large item pick-ups.

Happy spring cleaning everyone!