Ready to roll

Packaging and paper program launches in six regions

At long last, it’s here.

Residents of municipalities in six Regional Service Commissions can now start to recycle more items with the launch of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program for packaging and paper products. The first phase of the provincial program launches on November 1, 2023, in the following regions:

  • Northwest Regional Service Commission (Region 1)
  • Restigouche Regional Service Commission (Region 2)
  • Fundy Regional Service Commission (Region 9)
  • Southwest Regional Service Commission (Region 10)
  • Capital Regional Service Commission (Region 11)
  • Western Valley Regional Service Commission (Region 12)
The second phase will launch next May in the remaining six regions:

Chaleur Regional Service Commission (Region 3)
Acadian Peninsula Regional Service Commission (Region 4)
Greater Miramichi Regional Service Commission (Region 5)
Kent Regional Service Commission (Region 6)
Southeast Regional Service Commission (Region 7)
Kings Regional Service Commission (Region 8)

The reason for the phased approach is the size and scope of the program. Under an EPR model, industry assumes responsibility for collecting and recycling those materials. This involves consulting and negotiating with municipalities, collectors and other groups, all of which takes time. In New Brunswick, industry will be represented by Circular Materials Atlantic. You can find out more about them at

For those of you living in the Phase 1 communities, not much will change initially with respect to your curbside recycling. As before, please consult with your municipality or Regional Service Commission for recycling information, including what goes where and scheduled pickup days. You can find contact information on our website at

You may be wondering if nothing changes curbside, how can you recycle more? Under the new packaging and paper program, you can now take some additional materials back to select redemption centres along with your deposit-bearing beverage containers. Participating redemption centres will now accept ancillary carboard for beverage containers, glass jars (no lids please), as well as white polystyrene packaging such as takeout containers and white meat trays. They will also accept a range of flexible plastics, such as potato chip bags, candy packaging, resealable food storage bags and food pouches. For more information, please visit This option will be available for residents in the remaining six regions in May of 2024, when Phase 2 of the program launches.

Happy November, and happy recycling everyone!