Celebrating you this Environment Week

Packaging and Paper program to officially launch on November 1, 2023

Canadian Environment Week is an annual campaign that traditionally begins on June 5, which is World Environment Day. Its goal is to encourage people to celebrate our beautiful planet and take action to protect our natural resources by participating in a community or beach clean-up or nature hike, or by reducing household waste and, of course, recycling tires, paint, oil and glycol and electronics.

Environment Week is also the perfect time to talk about our newest program for packaging and paper products – or PPP for short. The Recycle NB Board of Directors approved a stewardship plan submitted by Circular Materials effective May 5, 2023, which means that they now have 180 days to launch Phase 1 of the program. Circular Materials is the national not-for-profit Producer Responsibility Organization selected by industry stakeholders to manage the PPP program in New Brunswick.

On November 1, the new program will launch in the following regions: Northwest Regional Service Commission (Region 1); Restigouche Regional Service Commission (Region 2); Fundy Regional Service Commission (Region 9); Southwest Regional Service Commission (Region 10); Fredericton Regional Service Commission (Region 11); Western Valley Regional Service Commission (Region 12)

So exactly what will change on November 1? We’re glad you asked!

For starters, collection services may improve for many of you. For example, if you currently have curbside garbage collection only, you will eventually be able to put your recyclables out for curbside pickup as well. The frequency and method of collection (how often your recyclables are collected and whether you will use bins or bags) may vary according to where you live. Circular Materials will work with each municipality to iron out the details.

The most exciting change will be the increased number of items you will be able to recycle. Under the Designated Materials Regulation, many new types of packaging and paper must now be managed. The list is far too long to include here, but here are a few:

Glass jars
Cling wrap
Freezer bags
Potato chip bags
Gift wrap
Takeout coffee cups

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can view the full list on our website at https://www.recyclenb.com/static/site-content/files/management-plans/cm-nb-stewardship-plan-for-packaging-paper-march-22-2023.pdf.

Since this is a voluntary program, we are relying on you to recycle these designated materials. Many of you already do, and for that, we are grateful. For that, we will be celebrating you this Environment Week.

Happy Recycling everyone!