Recycle NB to move ahead with packaging and paper products program

The Province of New Brunswick announced today an amendment to the Clean Environment Act’s Designated Materials Regulation that allows Recycle NB to begin working with stakeholders to implement an Extended Producer Responsibility program for packaging and paper products (PPP).

A province-wide PPP program would include most plastics, packaging and paper that are not already covered in another recycling program (e.g. beverage containers). Examples of designated materials include all types of cardboard, paper, magazines, plastic containers, plastic wrap, egg cartons, tin cans and glass jars.

“Our first step will be to identify a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) who will oversee implementation of the PPP program,” said Frank LeBlanc, CEO of Recycle NB. “New Brunswick will be the first Atlantic province to introduce an EPR program for packaging and paper products.”

Extended Producer Responsibility is an environmental policy approach in which producers are responsible for managing their products from manufacturing through to end-of-life. Under an EPR program, industry is responsible for paying for the cost of collecting and recycling these products. The PRO consists of industry stakeholders who will be tasked with setting up the infrastructure and managing the program.

“Our goal is to ensure we have a comprehensive, effective, convenient and efficient program that will benefit all New Brunswickers,” Mr. LeBlanc said. “The more waste we can divert from our landfills, the greater the benefit for our environment.”

Recycle NB’s is an arm’s length government agency whose role is to ensure that materials designated by the Minister of the Environment and Local Government are managed in a manner that assures a healthier environment. Recycle NB currently oversees recycling programs for tires, paint, oil and glycol, and electronic products.