Recycle NB approves management plan for Packaging and Paper Products

NEW BRUNSWICK, May 5, 2023
– The Recycle NB Board of Directors has approved a stewardship plan for packaging and paper products (PPP) in New Brunswick, effective May 5, 2023.

The plan outlines a management strategy for a wide range of packaging and paper products, including many that historically have not been part of regional recycling programs, such as glass jars, film plastics (plastic wrap), Styrofoam and wrapping paper. 

“We are confident that we have a plan for packaging and paper products that will best serve the needs of New Brunswickers,” said Frank LeBlanc, CEO of Recycle NB. “The PPP program is designed to improve recycling programs within each region and divert significantly more waste from our landfills.” 

“We are the first Atlantic province to implement a regulated waste diversion program for this type of material,” said Environment and Climate Change Minister Gary Crossman. “This new program will help New Brunswick meet commitments in the Climate Change Action Plan, Canada-wide Strategy on Zero Plastic Waste, and the Departments recently approved Strategic Action Plan for Solid Waste Management.”

Circular Materials is the national not-for-profit Producer Responsibility Organization selected by industry stakeholders to manage the program in New Brunswick.

“We are looking forward to operating in New Brunswick and are committed to delivering an efficient and effective recycling system that will meet the needs of New Brunswickers and improve recovery rates,” said Allen Langdon, CEO, Circular Materials. “We want to thank Recycle NB for their support and look forward to working with all stakeholders to deliver a results-driven recycling program for packaging and paper products.”

Given the size and scope of the PPP program, it will be launched in two phases in New Brunswick. The first phase will be launched on November 1, 2023, in the following regions:

Northwest Regional Service Commission (Region 1)
Restigouche Regional Service Commission (Region 2)
Fundy Regional Service Commission (Region 9)
Southwest Regional Service Commission (Region 10)
Fredericton Regional Service Commission (Region 11)
Western Valley Regional Service Commission (Region 12)

The second phase of the program will be launched on or before May 1, 2024, in the remaining regions:

Chaleur Regional Service Commission (Region 3)
Acadian Peninsula Regional Service Commission (Region 4)
Greater Miramichi Regional Service Commission (Region 5)
Kent Regional Service Commission (Region 6)
Southeast Regional Service Commission (Region 7)
Kings Regional Service Commission (Region 8)

The PPP program is the fourth Extended Producer Responsibility program to be added to the Designated Materials Regulation in New Brunswick. EPR is an environmental policy approach in which the producer is responsible for managing its product from manufacturing through to end-of-life. Other EPR programs currently operating in New Brunswick are paint, oil/glycol and electronics. EPR programs for pharmaceutical products and medical sharps, as well as beverage containers, are also in the process of being developed. 

Recycle NB is an arm’s length government agency whose role is to ensure that materials designated by the Minister of the Environment and Local Government are managed in a manner that assures a healthier environment.


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