News Release: Recycle NB, COVID-19 and the Province’s Recycling Programs

30 April 2020

FREDERICTON (RNB) – As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been recommended that people stay at home when possible. As a result of this isolation measure, collection services provided for designated materials have been altered. “The safety of everyone involved with Recycle NB’s recycling programs is of primary importance and this extends to all those working in collection networks, as well as to the general public,” said Recycle NB CEO Frank LeBlanc. 

Some recycling depots used by homeowners are suspending services or reducing service hours. Before heading out to any recycling/collection depot, please initiate contact with the collection facility and confirm that they are open and take note of any changes in operating hours. If the collection depot or a retailer that accepts designated materials for recycling in your region has suspended collection services, please hold on to your designated materials such as paint, electronic products, oil and glycol, for as long as possible or until redemption centres, Regional Service Commission solid waste sites and other collection locations have resumed recycling operations. Once return facilities and redemption centres eventually resume operations it is anticipated that there will be a significant increase in people wanting to return their accumulated recyclable materials, Recycle NB asks that we all be patient until these operations are able to return to normal.

The tire recycling program continues uninterrupted as scrap tire pickups and recycling operations are ongoing. Most, if not all, automotive repair facilities and garages, having been deemed an essential service, remain open. TRACC, Recycle NB’s Tire Stewardship Program partner continues its recycling operations in Minto. “TRACC and its employees continue to follow social distancing guidelines, as well as all other standards set out by public health” according to Communication Manager Curtis Richardson of TRACC.

Karen Ulmanis, New Brunswick program Director for Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) advises that during this time of containment, many organizations have postponed the collection of electronics. “If your local drop-off location is temporarily unavailable, please hold on to your electronics until locations re-open. When you bring your old, unusable electronics to a Recycle My Electronics authorized drop-off location, you’re helping to recover and recycle resources that can be put back into the manufacturing supply chain, conserving natural resources and divert e-waste from New Brunswick landfills” said Ulmanis. We can all do our part by keeping our electronic waste at home until drop-off locations reopen.

The Used Oil Management Association (UOMA Atlantic) operates the used oil and glycol program in New Brunswick. UOMA Atlantic Representative, Albert Girard, suggested that “households follow the Province of New Brunswick’s current guidelines for physical distancing”. Girard continued by saying that “once these restrictions are lifted, householders who have used oil, glycol, used oil filter, aerosol lubricants, plastic oil and glycol containers can bring these products to a collection facility. Until then, please do not dispose of these products with your household waste.”

“We must be understanding and patient as each return facility has initiated actions to protect their employees and the general public. The health and safety of all New Brunswickers are paramount at this time” says LeBlanc.

 Recycle NB thanks you for your understanding during these difficult days. Stay safe! 

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