Paint - Brand Owners

Paint - Brand Owners

Brand Owner Definition
In the Regulation, a “brand owner” means a person who

  •  manufactures paint in the Province and sells, offers for sale or distributes that paint in the Province,
  • is the owner or licensee in the Province of a registered or unregistered trademark under which the paint is sold, offered for sale or distributed in the Province, or
  •  brings paint in to the Province for sale or distribution

Paint Definition
Paint is defined; as:

  • a tinted or untinted latex, oil or solvent-based architectural coating used for commercial or household purposes, including stain, and includes the coating’s container, or
  • a colored or clear paint or stain sold in an aerosol container and includes paint’s or stain’s container, but does not include coatings intended for marine antifouling, industrial or automotive applications.

If this regulation applies to your organization, please complete the Paint Brand Owner Registration form and return the original signed copy to Recycle New Brunswick

Brand Owner Responsibilities
Under the Designated Materials Regulation, paint brand owners must:

  • Register with the Board of Recycle NB.  Please select Paint from the drop down menu on the electronic registration form, complete the form and then click submit.
  • Submit a paint stewardship plan for the approval of the Board. A paint brand owner may designate an agent to meet its obligations under the Regulation.
  • Implement and comply with the paint stewardship plan as approved or imposed by the Board under section 40 of the Regulation.
  • Provide the Board with an annual report detailing the effectiveness of the paint stewardship plan during the previous calendar year.
  • Provide to each retailer of its paint, educational and consumer material.
  • Remit fees referred to in Section 48 at the times and in the manner directed by the Board.