Waste paint comes full circle in New Brunswick

New Brunswickers who may have leftover architectural paint in their basements, sheds and garages now have a system in place through which to return it for recycling. “Nowadays people expect to have the recycling infrastructure in place to be environmentally conscious and it is our goal to make sure we do,” said Murray Driscoll, Chair of Recycle New Brunswick. “By continuing paint’s lifecycle and bringing this product full circle, New Brunswickers are helping to protect our valuable resources in the process.”

Recycle NB has approved industry’s 3-year Paint Management Plan. The paint industry now has the green light to proceed with implementing the 2nd phase of the provincial paint recycling program.

Paint consumers will find it more convenient and accessible than ever to recycle their waste paint through a network of 42 paint drop-off locations now in place. The number of paint recycling sites throughout New Brunswick is expected to increase by 50% during 2009.

The Paint Stewardship Program will see more than 70% of all recyclable waste paint collected going towards the eventual remanufacture of new paint. Industry will be promoting the recycling of paint purchased throughout the province with the goal of decreasing the amount of waste which would otherwise end up in our landfills. “A single drop of recyclable paint wasted is too much”, said Mr Driscoll. “Recycle NB encourages all New Brunswickers to become involved since protecting our environment is a shared responsibility”.

The program manages leftover paint as well as the container it came in, so consumers are also encouraged to return empty paint cans for recycling under the paint stewardship program.

Information on Recycle NB and their programs is available online at www.recyclenb.com


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