Recycling efforts praised

Fredericton – New Brunswickers are supporting the province’s recycling programs for used paint and tires.

Recycle New Brunswick manages the Paint Stewardship Program and the Tire Stewardship Program in the province. CEO Pat McCarthy is very pleased with New Brunswickers recycling efforts. “We want to thank people for supporting the used paint and tire recycling programs,” he said in a news release marking Environment Week.

The tire-recycling program started in 1996 and more than 15 million scrap tires have been diverted from landfills and recycled into advanced value-added products in New Brunswick.

Recycle NB works with Solid Waste Commissions, Industry associations, Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation (TRACC) in Minto, retailers, and garages throughout New Brunswick. “Together they are making New Brunswick a national leader in value- added recycling,” says Recycle NB Board Chair Murray Driscoll. 

TRACC is known worldwide for its innovation and creative products.  Landscape mulch, roof shingles, mattresses for dairy cattle, are just a few examples of the products produced by this New Brunswick Corporation. McCarthy notes that the tire recycler is finding new uses and new markets for old tires. “It is creating green jobs in our province and protecting the environment for future generations.”

The Paint Stewardship Program has more than exceeded expectations. During its first 2 years of operation, the paint-recycling rate surpassed 87%.  “The excellent quality of paint collected and the low level of non-program materials received from New Brunswick has had a great impact on helping to minimize our program delivery costs, ”according to McCarthy.

Driscoll encourages people across the province to continue to reduce, re-use and recycle. “We want New Brunswick to be the greenest province in Canada.” 

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Pat McCarthy, CEO, Recycle NB, 506-454-8473.

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