Recycle NB begins Phase 1 of EPR paint program

“I am pleased to announce that Recycle NB will be initiating the first phase of the new Paint Stewardship Program,” said Murray Driscoll, Chair of Recycle New Brunswick. “Industry has now stepped up to cover the costs for recycling leftover architectural paint in New Brunswick as a result of this new extended producer responsibility program.”

Under the first phase of the Paint Stewardship Program, industry now has agreements in place with the solid waste commissions to manage the waste paint currently being collected. Industry will be promoting the recycling of paint purchased throughout the province with the goal of decreasing the amount of waste that would otherwise end up in our landfills.

“Partnership with industry is fundamental to the success of Recycle NB,” Driscoll said. “Our organization values input from industry and we will work with them to manage our programs and to ensure we offer the best possible services to New Brunswickers.”

The second phase of the Paint Stewardship Program in April will see at least 70% of recyclable waste paint collected go towards the value added remanufacturing of new paint. Recycle NB will continue to work with industry to provide an infrastructure for paint collection which is both convenient and accessible to all New Brunswickers.

“Any time waste can be diverted from a landfill and recycled our province has moved closer to achieving the goals set out in the province’s Climate Change Action Plan,” said Mr Driscoll. “Recycle NB will serve as a resource to provide recycling information to all New Brunswickers on our goal towards reducing waste.”

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MEDIA CONTACTS: Murray Driscoll, Chair, Recycle NB, 506-454-8473; Yves Gagnon, Vice-Chair, Recycle NB, 506-875-1896.

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