Recycle NB begins consultation on waste packaging and paper recycling

Fredericton –Big changes could be coming to the financing of packaging and paper recycling across New Brunswick. Instead of the taxpayer footing the bill, industry could be covering part, or all, of the collection and recycling costs.

Recycle NB held a one-day forum to talk about a waste packaging and printed paper stewardship program for the Atlantic Provinces. Provincial and municipal leaders from across the province took part in the discussion. CEO Pat McCarthy says the results are encouraging. “This was just the beginning of consultation; but there was general support for the concept and a real desire to continue learning and talking about a framework for a program in the region.”

Packaging and Printed Paper (PPP) make up a large part of residential waste. In New Brunswick, municipalities usually cover the costs of recycling or disposal.  In some provinces, industry covers a large portion of those costs through Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs. Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia have industry-funded EPR programs in place, while Saskatchewan has one planned.

Last year, Recycle NB and recycling agencies in the other Atlantic Provinces contracted Canadian experts to propose a framework and implementation plan for a similar program in the Atlantic.  “The report is an excellent tool for consultation on the recycling of these products. We want to share it with as many people as possible. The forum and our meetings with various groups are part of our plan to do that,” said McCarthy.

Laurie Giroux, of Giroux Environmental Consulting who worked on the 2014 report outlined the potential EPR framework for an Atlantic waste packaging and printed paper program at the Forum.  “EPR programs for waste packaging and paper are either already in place or are planned in 5 other Provinces...the proposed framework gives the Atlantic Provinces and producers time to work together and develop partnerships that recognize the continued important roles of municipalities in this new framework”.

Duncan Bury, of Duncan Bury Consulting, focused on the evolution of EPR in Canada and Glenda Geis, of Glenda Gies & Associates, outlined considerations for program development.

Participants also heard from representatives from Provinces where industry financed programs are already in place.

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