Plaster Rock school wins challenge

Recycling phones leads to playground improvements

Fredericton –Waste Reduction Week in Canada begins on October 20 and Recycle NB CEO Pat McCarthy is urging schools across the province to get involved in the Recycle My Cell Challenge.

The program sponsored by the Waste Reduction Week Council and the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association challenges Canadian students from kindergarten to post-secondary to recycle as many old wireless devices and accessories as possible between October 20 and              November 21, 2014.

“The challenge gives New Brunswick students a chance to protect the environment for the future and to show that New Brunswick schools are serious about recycling,” said McCarthy.

Donald Fraser Memorial School in Plaster Rock was the lucky winner of the 2013 challenge in New Brunswick.

The school received $500 for its environmental projects. Teacher Gail Fellows-Degrace, who organized the school’s challenge, said the prize is helping improve the school’s playground. “Thanks to the Recycle My Cell Challenge, we were able to takethe first step in establishing a green area where our students can play when the sun is intense. We used the funds to plant some trees on our treeless playground. Without the prize that wouldn’t have happened.”

The Recycle My Cell Challenge took place from October 21 to November 22, 2013. Across Canada, 131 schools took part in the contest.  The students collected 4,260 cell phones and over 279 kilograms of wireless accessories and batteries. 

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association and the Waste Reduction Week Council welcomes the support of schools across the province for the Recycle My Cell Challenge.  “This is one way students can help protect the environment for future generations. We hope that everyone in their communities will support their efforts and that they collect a lot of old cell phones. Their efforts help us MOVE BYOND WASTE,” said McCarthy.

Recycle NB ensures materials designated by the Minister of the Environment are managed in a manner that assures a clean and healthy environment. Information on Recycle NB and its programs is available online


Pat McCarthy, CEO, Recycle NB, 506-454-8473,

Gail Fellows-Degrace, Donald Fraser Memorial School, 506-356-6010

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