Electronics Waste Recycling Comes to NB

Fredericton – Electronics waste recycling is about to get easier in New Brunswick.

Recycle NB CEO Pat McCarthy says now that government has announced a waste management program for electronics, the organization will begin working with industry to put a program in place by the fall of 2016.

“We are very excited by the government’s announcement of an electronics waste program,” said McCarthy. “New Brunswickers are waiting for this program.  We have heard from many citizens and they have all said the same thing.  They don’t want to put their end-of-life electronics in the garbage so they are holding on to them until they can recycle them.”

The new electronics waste management program is an extended producer responsibility (EPR) program, which means the brand owners of the electronic devices covered by the program will ensure that they are recycled. McCarthy welcomes government’s approach and says he is looking forward to working with industry to develop a waste management plan that meets the needs of New Brunswickers.

"Our paint and oil and glycol programs are very successful.  We have great partnerships with industry for those two programs and they make an important contribution to protecting the environment for future generations. I am sure the electronics waste program will do the same.”

McCarthy says one of the advantages of an EPR program is that industry is directly involved in the operating and financing of the program, which removes significant costs from taxpayers and governments.  EPR leads to efficient programs and encourages industry to design products for the environment. Another advantage is, once the Minister of the Environment designates a product, access to the program must be province-wide. “Recycle NB will be working with industry to make sure there are places across the province where people can drop off their end-of-life electronics for recycling. By next fall, people will be able to get rid of all those televisions, computers monitors and other electronic devices that they did not want to send to the landfill.  We congratulate the government on this very positive step for the environment,” says McCarthy.

Information on Recycle NB and its programs is available online at www.recyclenb.com


Pat McCarthy, CEO, Recycle NB, 506-454-8473

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