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Recycle NB celebrates 10 years

Fredericton- Recycle NB is celebrating its ten-year anniversary.

The provincial agency that manages the recycling of designated materials (tires, paint, electronics, oil and glycol) is marking its first decade with a special message for New Brunswickers.

“We want to thank everyone for recycling,” said RNB CEO Pat McCarthy. “We want people to see they are making a difference by protecting our environment for future generations,” said McCarthy. “Visit our Website or Facebook page and tell us what you recycled over the last ten years.”

The tire recycling program is a good example of how many products can be made from waste. New Brunswick’s tire recycling program has operated for over 20 years. The program diverts the equivalent of one million tires per year from the province’s landfills. Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation (TRACC) in Minto, New Brunswick turns the scrap tires into value added products such as garden mulch, playground cover and livestock mats.

Over the last ten years, the paint program operated by Product Care Association turned 1.8 million 1litres of leftover paint into new paint products. Residents can bring leftover paint free of charge to 60 collection depots in the province. Some of that paint is used by Habitat for Humanity in its home builds. “Recycle NB and Product Care are proud to be part of Habitat For Humanity’s efforts to provide safe affordable housing for New Brunswick families,” said McCarthy.

 In addition to recycling, the paint program focuses on reuse. Almost half of the paint collection depots offer better-quality paint collected to the public at no cost. In 2017, consumers were given more than a thousand litres of paint.

UOMA Atlantic operates the oil and glycol recycling program that began in 2014. There are 177 collection depots across the province. Since the program began, it has collected and recycled 14 million litres of oil and 883,936 kilograms of oil containers.  In addition to the oil products, UOMA collected 444,579 litres of glycol, 32,200  kilograms of glycol containers, and 1,172,491 kilograms of oil filters since 2014.

McCarthy says the electronics recycling program began on March 30, 2017 and it collected 1500 metric tonnes of electronic devices and equipment. Residents and businesses can bring old electronics, free of charge, to 64 collection depots located in communities throughout New Brunswick.

Information on Recycle NB and its programs and partners is available online at www.recyclenb.com

MEDIA CONTACTS:  Pat McCarthy, CEO, Recycle NB, 506-454-8473, pat.mccarthy@recyclenb.com

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