• 2015-10-15

Ten things you and your children can do during Waste Reduction Week

Well another year has passed and I’m happy to say its Waste Reduction Week again! 

If you are looking for things for you and your children to do during the Week that runs from October 19-25, 2015, visit the Waste Reduction Week Canada site.  There is a Recycle My Cell Challenge for students, an Ease MY Load campaign, and many suggestions for reducing, reusing and recycling at home and at work. Take the Ecological Footprint Survey, learn how to make a composter, or collect end-of-life cell phones and wireless devices for schools in your area participating in the Recycle My Cell Challenge.

If you have old tires, take them to any garage for recycling.  It is free and those scrap tires will be turned into new products by a company in Minto New Brunswick.  You have a chance to protect the environment for the next generation and create jobs in New Brunswick.

Take that left overpaint you’ve been storing for years to a paint collection depot in your area. Click for the nearest location. Once you drop it off, most of the paint (76.5%) will be recycled into new paint products.

New Brunswick also has an oil and glycol recycling program.  It only takes a minute to drop off your used products at a collection facility.  There are 154 locations across the province.  You can find the one nearest you at http://www.soghu.com/en/members/pdfs/NB-15.07.09%20PDR%20(EN)_1.pdf

If you run a business, and you don’t already have one, start a recycling program.  You could reduce your costs and improve your customer experience.  Check out the Business Resource Kiton the Waste Reduction Week Canada website.

Even the smallest acts help to protect the environment so share your efforts with friends and family and register your events on the Waste Reduction Week Canada website.

Thanks for helping to keep New Brunswick clean and green.

Pat McCarthy, CEO

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