• 2015-02-09

Rubbish Sink

I recently read an article in the Tire News about another new use for the rubber from recycled tires.  An architectural firm in California has designed a sink using old tires.  It is called a Rubbish Sink and it is one of the firms more popular products.  Evidently, rubber is ideal for sinks as it does not splash and it takes just one pound of rubber to make the sink.http://www.minarc.com/

This is just another example of how old tires can be turned into new useful products at the end of their life.  In New Brunswick, the Tire Program diverts a million tires a year from the landfill and turns them into products such as garden mulch, playground cover, cow mats and floor mats.  Not only does it protect the environment but is also creates jobs in our province.  The company that makes all these products is located in Minto, New Brunswick.  Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation (TRACC) is a North American leader in the recycling of waste tires.

This is what Recycle NB is all about!  We ensure that materials designated by the Minister of the Environment are managed in a manner that assures a clean and healthy environment.  By moving beyond waste and turning materials that are harmful to all of us into new products we are protecting  our environment for all the generations of New Brunswickers to come. 

Pat McCarthy

CEO, Recycle NB

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