10 Years of Recycling

        Keeping New Brunswick Clean and Green for generations to come.

Our roots

The Designated Materials Regulation (New Brunswick Regulation 2008-54) under the Clean Environment Act came into effect on May 1, 2008. The Regulation created Recycle NB and transferred the rights and obligations of the existing New Brunswick Tire Stewardship Board to the new corporate body.

Our vision is to MOVE BEYOND WASTE and make our province waste-free.


Recycle NB manages New Brunswick’s designated materials programs through partnerships with industry, governments, local authorities and the community.  The paint, electronics and oil and glycol programs are EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) programs, which means the producers of the products operate and fund the programs.

Our Partners

Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation

Product Care Recycling

Used Oil Management Association
Association pour le recyclage des produits électroniques


20 million tires recycled since program began in 1996.

1,500 metric tonnes of electronics collected in 2017, the first year of program.

1.8 million litres of paint recycled since program began in 2009.

14 million litres of oil recycled since program began in 2014.

883,936 kilograms of oil containers collected since 2014

444,579 litres of glycol recycled since 2014

32,200  kilograms of glycol containers recycled since 2014

1,172,491 kilograms of oil filters recycled since 2014

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